Lotus Wight

Lotus Wight

Genre: Blues, Instrumental, Old Tyme, Ragtime

“Claims of being the illegitimate child of Buster Keaton and Elizabeth Cotton have gone unsubstantiated yet uncontested, for his astonishing live performances suggest such lineage.”
-Candace Shaw, secretfrequency.com

In the decades which book-ended the turn of our century, Lotus Wight embraced the music over which he had obsessed since his childhood. He dwelled in the cradles of their conception and birth. The Carolinas, the Mississippi Valley, West Virginia, Kentucky, and New England fed him the sounds of tradition and helped to form his musical life.

Lotus is a songster, banjo folklorist, poet, fiddler and bluesman. His thought-provoking show includes stories, jaw-harps and his controversial contrabass harmoniphoneum. Lotus has produced recordings for children’s television, animation projects, and JUNO award winner Jenny Whiteley.

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