South Carolina Broadcasters

South Carolina Broadcasters

Genre: Appalachian, Bluegrass, Old Tyme

“This group is hotter than a firecracker lit on both ends, and is on the cutting edge of the current old time music revival.”

Stars of the Lowe Vintage Radio Show, John Boy and Billy recording artists, and masters of primitive bluegrass, The South Carolina Broadcasters bring southern music at its finest to the stage. Their razor sharp harmonies, exceptional multi-instrumentation, and fabulous song selection will have listeners riveted to their seats. This unique trio has put their own spin on the music of the foothills. They’ve been members of The Smokey Valley Boys and Roan Mountain Hilltoppers yet they’re not looking backward. Between Andy Edmonds’ and David Sheppard’s ability to write a new song that sounds old and Ivy Sheppard’s prowess for digging up obscure field recordings, The Broadcasters most always have new songs in the works. Their recent critically acclaimed release “Tell Me Truly” features a broad and mature mix of sounds ranging from Surry County bluegrass to Carter Family country and even the Cajun sounds of Lafayette. Audiences wherever they go connect with the Broadcasters through heart songs and good old fashioned entertainment.

Andy Edmonds comes from a family of guitar and banjo players, and gospel singers. He met the late, great Benton Flippen when he was a young man, and began playing guitar and banjo for his band, the Smokey Valley Boys. While playing with Benton for a over a decade, Andy learned a great deal about playing the fiddle. Though he is able to play a number of instruments, the fiddle has become his primary focus, and his fiddling has won numerous prizes at area fiddle contests. Andy also plays fiddle for the Buckstankle Boys, as well as singing harmony.

David Sheppard puts the drive in The Broadcasters sound. Like a freight train coming on down the line his style of playing gives The Broadcasters an unmistakable sound. He’s got a great knack for songwriting and can be downright funny when he wants to.  He is a world-renowned luthier and expert restorer of vintage acoustic instruments.


Ivy Sheppard expresses herself in this world with music. It is the sounds of a bygone era that resonate so clearly in her soul. She had the great fortune to learn her banjo and fiddle stylings while playing with the Roan Mountain Hilltoppers of east Tennessee. Through dedication and persistence she and The Broadcasters work tirelessly to bring the music of her home to a new generation. Ivy can typically be found hunting for old records, or searching for a new venue for the band. She’s an announcer at legendary radio station, WPAQ 740AM, and is on the air Monday and Tuesday from 2-6pm, and beginning July 10th Sunday nights at 10pm on WEHC 90.7FM



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