Anne Lederman & Ian Bell

Anne Lederman & Ian Bell

Genre: Canadiana, Multi-Instrumentalist, Singer Songwriter, Storyteller

“You two were both terrific. It was obvious how much the audience enjoyed it, and how nice it was to hear some Ontario material.”  – Lorne Brown, Legless Stocking Storytelling

“Absolutely extraordinary…like twin moons orbiting the same luminous planet…both burn, but it’s incredibly steady…like watching a world class boxer…it’s impossible to know what’s coming next and how fast and how hard…everything about the show…repartee…camaraderie, and obvious trust…it was all so amazing.”  – Gil Garratt – Artistic Director, Blyth Festival Theatre

Anne Lederman and Ian Bell have played music both together and apart since 1978. Together then, as Muddy York, they explored the traditional songs and dance music of Canada and created an important album of the music of early Ontario – “Scatter the Ashes”. Muddy York performed at major festivals and folk events throughout Canada and internationally. On their own, Anne and Ian have established themselves as respected songwriters, instrumentalists, composers, playwrights, story-tellers, broadcasters, teachers, folklorists and session players for sound tracks and CDS of other artists. They have performed solo, as part of bands as diverse as the Dawnbreakers, The Flying Bulgar Klezmer Band and Njacko Backo/Kalimba Kalimba, and as back-up for such artists as Wade Hemsworth, Enoch Kent, Don Freed, Grit Laskin, Margret Christl and others.

Together again, they create performances that include the best of both worlds, offering a mad mix of traditional and original songs, stories and instrumental music – all still firmly grounded in Canadian life, past and present. Voyageur chansons and sentimental songs share the bill with biker ballads, fiddle tunes, songs of social comment and Great Lakes chanteys. Powerful singers and players, Ian and Anne have an instrumental arsenal which includes fiddle, guitars, concertina, accordions, mandolins, banjo, harmonica, piano, smallpipes and feet. Even more importantly, they bring a full portion of understanding, passion and humour to create performances unlike anyone else’s.

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