Blue Moon Marquee

Blue Moon Marquee

Genre: Acoustic Jazz, Blues, Hot Club, Ragtime, Swing

Hailing from the Badlands of the Rocky Mountain prairies, Blue Moon Marquee is a self-styled gypsy blues band. This authentic duo writes and performs original compositions influenced by early blues, swing, and ragtime. A.W. Cardinal, a Metis of Cree heritage, howls with a distinctive thick and smoky vocal while playing a jazz tinged blues guitar. Jasmine Colette, aka “Badlands Jass”, is the rhythm section who not only commands the upright bass but also keeps the swing with both feet while singing harmonies. Blue Moon Marquee are set to release their 3rd full-length recording titled Gypsy Blues on June 17th, 2016.

blue-moon-marquee-hoodooBlue Moon Marquee’s passionate performances and smouldering onstage chemistry is their trademark, and the way Colette’s angelic tones lift Cardinal’s beaten down “bukowski-esque” mystique is something that enthrals audiences from the back room bar to the public square.

Their 2014 release Lonesome Ghosts earned the duo critical acclaim, national and international airplay and performance opportunities across Canada. Known for their fresh approach to the blues and jazz genres, one critic noted, Music that sounds vintage and fresh at the same is a pretty neat trick, but that is Blue Moon Marquee’s stock-in-trade.” (Gonzo Online) while the popular blog Grayowl Point penned, “There are two ways a band can be considered “good.” They can either be great at what they do or they can be a band that wholly reinvents the way music should sound like. While the former is often not as interesting to hear, one of the exceptions to this maxim is Blue Moon Marquee.”

Now based in Duncan, British Columbia, they have been steadily touring for the last four years and in 2016 were the most requested Canadian band for the 2016 International Jazz festivals across Canada.

In June 2016 they will be embarking on a 40-date CAN/US tour encompassing these festivals and promoting their outstanding new release, Gypsy Blues.

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