Genre: Bluegrass, Contemporary Folk, Old Tyme, Roots

Boy=Girl is a power duo! They may play sparse & intimate. They may rock it out. Either way you get penetrating harmonies and captivating musicianship. B=G mixes traditional and contemporary music, with an emphasis on original compositions.

Both successful bandleaders on their own, Jen (Mo’ Mojo) and Paul (Hillbilly IDOL) bring together their natural vocal blend, multi-instrumental skills, song-writing, and appreciation and understanding of American music styles, with their love of performing with each other.

In this duo, Jen plays the upright & electric bass, and guitar, though she’s well versed on Cajun accordion, guitar, piano and other instruments. Gifted with a beautiful voice, she is the kind of singer that can carry a song, pull you in and not let you go.  Her background in blues, zydeco, old-time, country & bluegrass has shaped her eclectic vocal and instrumental style.

“Their sweet harmony vocals and multi-instrumental skills meshed to give them that unique spark found in folks like Welch/Rawlings, Chambers/Nicholson, and Buddy & Julie Miller.” -Jay Minkin

Paul plays the 5-string banjo, acoustic & electric guitars. With years of experience behind him, he’s an expert with bluegrass, old-time and traditional country music, but is also hip to western swing, jazz and many of the other regional music styles that make up the American music landscape.  As a lead, baritone, or tenor singer, Paul’s commanding voice easily merges with Jen’s to make one great sound. With a 20+ year friendship as their foundation, Jen & Paul have finally decided to do the thing that comes naturally – pick, sing and write music together – and that’s a good thing.


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