Greenbank Trio

Greenbank Trio

Genre: americana, folk-rock

At first glance you might think they’d just stepped out of a time machine… Clad in denim and bellowing in three-part harmony, Thunder Bay ON’s Greenbank muster a sound that could have echoed straight from the 1960’s Laurel Canyon scene. Equipped with smiling faces, socially conscious lyrics and great stories from the road, these northern troubadours deliver a performance you won’t want to miss!

After a few years of touring extensively across Canada and into the US, performing everywhere from cramped kitchens to sold out auditoriums, the group have been getting a taste of the ups-and-downs of life on the road… and they want more! Quickly developing a reputation for blending complex vocal arrangements with upbeat retro instrumentals, the group landed spots backing up award-winning artists Scott Kyle King and Nick Sherman, opening slots for legendary acts Chicago, REO Speedwagon, Leann Rimes, Cheap Trick and even a spot on David Suzuki’s Blue Dot tour.

Greenbank’s first LP Money Machine (July, 2015) is a folk-rock window into the trials and tribulations of a young band firmly rooted in north Ontario. The stories paint the picture you might expect from a group of young Canadian musicians: Adjusting to the idea of living life on long stretches of highway (Suspended in Motion), finding joy whilst struggling to make ends meet (Money Machine), and worries about having an uncertain future (Long Ride to Nowhere) are all common themes throughout.

“Sharp harmonies, great lyrics, and enough energy to power a medium-sized town like Kansas City.”
– Elmore Magazine (New York)

“I found myself singing along almost immediately” – Canadian Beats (Ottawa)

“With great influences, great songs and a great passion for music, it’s easy to see why so many people have fallen in love with The Greenbank Trio.” – Fresh Print Magazine (Toronto)

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