Kacy & Clayton

Kacy & Clayton

Genre: Appalachian

“Kacy & Clayton” is Kacy Anderson on vocals, violin, and Clayton Linthicum on guitar, melodeon, and vocals. The duo interprets and composes music inspired by forms of traditional music from Southern Appalachia and the British Isles.

As children they were surrounded by rural musicality, absorbing the knowledge of Kacy’s Grandfather (Clayton’s Great-Uncle) Carl Anderson. Although the second cousins are young in age, they’ve been playing music together for over a decade and have created a distinct and cohesive sound. Kacy’s completely unforced vocals are always in her own distinct and natural timbre. Clayton’s instrumental talents serve every song with modesty; he reserves his virtuosity for only those few transitions that require elaborate expression.

The production values of their recordings are consistent and simple. Kacy and Clayton shun studio trickery and gimmicks, pursuing mixes that recall the natural warmth of 1970s British folk LPs. In fact, much of their repertoire could easily be mistaken for hidden gems of decades past. Their return to form is no mere retro affectation; it is a respectful bearing of the torch passed on from their deep and studied musical heritage. In 2014, their album “The Day Is Past & Gone” received two Canadian Folk Music Award nominations(New Artist of the Year, and Young Artist of the Year) winning the Young Artist of the Year category.

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