Keith Dyck with Dwayne Dueck

Keith Dyck with Dwayne Dueck

Genre: Blues, folk-rock

Keith Dyck

The warm rich quality of Keith Dyck’s voice, paired with his songs make us feel like they’ve always been with us. Like Hank Williams or the Rolling Stones songs, every chord makes sense, they land where they’re supposed to. Dripping with the same qualities that created all those classics, his music is today’s Americana.

The product of a musical family, Keith learned to play at his father’s knee and spend most of his childhood playing every instrument he could put his hands on.

His country roots run deep with an ever surfacing Rock and Roll heart. He draws from traditional sounds of bluegrass and country, but with the bite and style of his favorite artists like Keith Richards, Miles Davies, Bunny Wailer, and Jimmy Page.

Dwayne Dueck

Hailing from Manitoba’s own southern roots region, the Pembina Hills – Dwayne Dueck grew up in a musical family, did his time touring on the road with Big Dave Maclean, and playing with renowned rockabilly group ‘The Rowdymen’. He also fronted his own band ‘The Shuffleheads’. Most recently Dwayne’s performing interests have led him to create a Merle Haggard tribute band and follow in the deep tradition of true Country and Western. Dwayne has a vocal range that enables him to both croon soft and sweet, as well as wail out a honky tonk standard.

“As a first-rate songwriter and guitarist plying his trade for more than two decades, he’s played an important role in shaping tastes of a generation including the likes of Grant Siemens ( Corb Lund), Chris Carmicheal (Big Dave McLean) and Jason Nowicki ( The Perpetrators). Dwayne’s taste and style comes from a deep appreciation of tradition and musical heritage…and it shows in every song he plays.”

~ John Scoles, President and Janitor of the Times Change(d) High & Lonesome Club in Winnipeg, MB

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