Whitetop Mountaineers

Whitetop Mountaineers

Genre: americana, Appalachian, Roots

The Whitetop Mountaineers is made up of the duo, Martha Spencer and Jackson Cunningham. They both live in Whitetop, VA, at the highest mountains in Virginia. Their shows feature old time country duet singing, up-tempo old time fiddle, clawhammer banjo, bluegrass mandolin and guitar instrumentals as well as high energy Appalachian dancing.

Jackson and Martha have played concerts, festivals, workshops, and dances throughout the United States, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.
In the fall of 2007, they were also included on the NCTA: Crooked Road Mountain Music Tour of the West Coast, and again in 2010, The Crooked Road East Coast Tour.

Along with performing as a duet act, they also are members of the Whitetop Mountain Band, which is made up mostly of the Spencer family and is one of the most popular old time bands in Southwest Virginia. The band has won many competitions and awards in band, vocals, fiddle, mandolin, banjo, duet singing, and dance throughout the years in Fiddler’s Conventions throughout the Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, and other southern states. The Spencer family and Whitetop Mountain Band has also been featured in a number of magazine articles, books, and television and radio programs including “A Hotbed of Musicians”, “Strings of Life”, “In Good Keeping”, “Guide to the Crooked Road”, PBS, and CMT.

They have recorded four duet albums. The most recent, “FEES RIDGE”, was released in January, 2015 and Virginia Carolina was released in 2012. Heritage Records offered  “Home on the Mountain” in 2009 as well as the 2010 release of the self-produced “Go Away with Me: Songs from Virginia’s Hills and Hollers”. They also have many recordings with the Whitetop Mountain Band throughout the years such as Arhoolie, Heritage and Virginia Foundation for the Humanities “Crooked Road Series” label. In 2014, the Whitetop Mountaineers won “Entertainers of the Year” in the Americana category at the Appalachian Cultural Music Association (ACMA) awards.

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