Join Jaxon in conversation with one of Canada’s finest songwriters whose iconic songs and stage magic have built a devoted fan base across North America. Connie can write; she can sing and her songs have helped define how folks think about the prairies, women and themselves. She weaves the sublime and the ridiculous into the fabric of every show. She’s a classic.

Connie Kaldor hails from Saskatchewan, Canada. She has toured around the world, won Juno awards and is a member of the Order of Canada as well as winning a Western Literature award. She has done it all as an independent; writing, singing, performing, building her following one song, one show at a time. She is the author of three award winning cd books for children. She has written musicals and music for films and web-series. But always it is her live shows that are the bedrock of her career.

Her 16th album EVERYDAY MOMENTS  is out and available now.