Fiddle and Guitar Workshop – Feb 28th

Sammy and Nadine will get together at the beginning of the workshop with all the participants and demonstrate the tunes that will be taught during the workshop. The groups will then split up and work on the tunes. The last part of the workshop, everyone will get back together to play the tunes in a relaxed, positive and inclusive environment.
Repertoire will include fiddle tunes from Northern Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, North Carolina, Missouri and Southern Illinois.

Please bring a recording device if possible. The fiddle workshop will consist of Sammy teaching tunes by ear, breaking them down
phrase by phrase, emphasizing on bowing. Alternate tunings will also be explored during the session.

The guitar workshop will focus on providing a solid rhythm for the melody instruments. Nadine will demonstrate strumming patterns to back up fiddle tunes, gradually adding bass runs without compromising the rhythm! Participants should bring a capo.