Dirty Dishes

Genre: roots, country, bluegrass, gospel
It’s hard to miss Dirty Dishes. With infectious smiles and big personalities,donning cowboy boots and crinolines, this feisty female trio could have stepped right out of 1960’s Nashville.

Paying tribute to many beloved acts from classic artists like Hank Williams and Dolly Parton to more current Canadian favourites like Joel Plaskett and Fred Eaglesmith, Dirty Dishes play both covers and shiny new originals in this tasty blend of country, folk, roots and gospel.

This Toronto-based outfit features Lisa Olafson on ukulele, Alison Porter on fiddle and Suzy Wilde on guitar and washboard. These Dishes have been breaking hearts and soothing souls at clubs, fairs, theatres and festivals across Canada for nearly a decade.

Coming together with extraordinary energy and bringing a shine to every space they fill, Dirty Dishes are loved for their down home music, tight harmonies and unforgettable charm.