Raine Hamilton

Genre: Acoustic Chamber Folk
Raine Hamilton writes resonant, acoustic chamber folk with an otherworldly edge, and a lyric presence that cuts deep. Prism-clear vocals and strings; A combination of vocal agility and power. Raine recently received a 2018 Canadian Folk Music Award for Emerging Artist of the Year.

Raine’s new album, Night Sky, tips between the earthly and the otherworldly; it is anchored in relatable lived experience, while reaching into the space just beyond, thinning the veil between here and there, affording safe passage to the rough and beautiful places.

Date Show
October 15, 2019 Evansburg
October 16, 2019 Wembley
October 17, 2019 Berwyn
October 18, 2019 Fairview
October 19, 2019 Cotillion
October 20, 2019 Dawson Creek
October 22, 2019 Hudson’s Hope
October 23, 2019 Tumbler Ridge
October 24, 2019 Goodfare
October 25, 2019 Valleyview
October 26, 2019 Edmonton