Rosemary Lawton

Genre: Traditional, Celtic, Folk
Rosemary Lawton, MusicNL Celtic/Traditional and Female Artist of the Year nominee, is an up-and-coming force within the Newfoundland music scene.

Her music is a hybrid of both classical and traditional genres. There is a underlying hint of classical influence in her unique arrangements of both traditional songs and her original compositions. Her voice is reminiscent of the high soprano Celtic singing of Ireland but with a punch.

Rosemary is helping to preserve Newfoundland’s rich tradition by collecting, recording, and performing Newfoundland traditional music.

Date Show
November 9, 2019 Edmonton
November 10, 2019 Elk Point
November 12, 2019 Lloydminster
November 13, 2019 Livelong
November 14, 2019 Big River
November 15, 2019 Cold Lake
November 16, 2019 Bonnyville
November 17, 2019 Fort McMurray
November 19, 2019 Athabasca
November 20, 2019 Brazeau County
November 21, 2019 Jasper
November 22, 2019 Hinton