Q. You don’t know me as an artist, how do I apply?

A. If you’re an artist that nobody in the office is familiar with, mail us a package including a recording that demonstrates accurately what you sound like as a solo or duo performer. Highly produced albums just add confusion to the decision making process. We need to hear you just how it would sound in a living room. If we’ve never seen your act before, we need a clear indication of your performance skills beyond musical chops. On stage skills, personality and professionalism all play a large role in influencing our team. A short bio, picture, contact information all helps us figure it out. References from artists that we know are pretty useful.

Q. How does Home Routes choose the artists?

A. Within the framework of presenting a balanced musical series for every circuit, the Artistic Director hires who he pleases, that is his responsibility. We hold juries every few months. There are no deadlines because submissions keep coming in. Every single submission that crosses our threshold is listened to and discussed by the jury. The jury can say no but the jury cannot say yes. That task is for the artistic director alone. The jury only passes forward to the Artistic Director what inspires them as fans or as musicians. The volume of submissions has increased exponentially since we began almost a decade ago; this often leaves the jury and the Artistic Director with the difficult task of choosing between excellence and excellence.

Q. Can I send you my EPK?

A. Sure, however we do prefer physical applications. How an artist presents themselves in an application says a lot about themselves. If you must send an EPK – email it to jury@homeroutes.ca.

Due to the volume of applications we receive, it can take months for a response.

We hope that this begins to answer your questions. For more Frequently Asked Questions, click here. Feel free to give us a call toll free at 1-866-925-6889 or email info@homeroutes.ca.