In August 1980, Winnipeg Folk Festival founder Mitch Podolak co-created and produced a tour across Alberta called The Travelling Goodtime Medicine Show. The tour was a school bus full of now legendary musicians – Sylvia Tyson, Stan Rogers, Connie Kaldor and Jim Post – travelling from town to town, bringing one-day mini-festivals to a string of host communities. This tour was an important catalyst for the founding of The Calgary and Edmonton Folk Festivals, also laying the theoretical framework for an organization that would begin to take shape 25 years later: Home Routes.

To celebrate their 15th anniversary, Home Routes is rekindling the name of this legendary endeavour that laid the foundation for some of Western Canada’s folk music institutions. We’re creating a new concert series, unlocking novel artistic expressions and creative collaborations.

The 2022 version of the Travelling Goodtime Medicine Show is a series of 5 streaming concerts from premier music venues, available to everyone, everywhere.