Ukulele I “Which End Is The Handle?”

`Ukulele I – “Which End Is The Handle?”

Level: “Absolute Beginner” up to “I Know Three Chords”

Instructor: Kate Ferris!!! (click here for Kate’s Bio)

at 7 Oaks Adult Learning Centre
950 Jefferson Avenue, 
Winnipeg, MB, R2P 1W1

Age: 15 + 

We will be working in “G” tuning (G-C-E-A); soprano, concert& tenor ukuleles; (Material is not arranged for baritone ukulele, which istuned differently.) All students are expected to have a digital tuner. If you don’t have one by class start, one can be purchased at the first class.

Course Description: The `ukulele is an often-ridiculed but amazingly versatileinstrument that is once again taking the world by storm. Thanks to the internetand to virtuoso players such as Jake Shimabukuro and Canada’s own James Hillfolks are discovering that this little ‘jumping flea’ can hold its own in any crowd.

This class is intended for absolute beginners: those who have never played a `ukulele (or perhaps any stringed instrument) before and would love to learn how to hold, tune, and play the `ukulele for sing-alongs or just noodling. You don’t need any previous musical experience, and don’t even have to know how to read music! After each class, Kate sends out an e-mail with PDFs of the worksheets, video/sound links and other information that will reinforce the material covered.

By the end of ten weeks you should be able to move fairly easily between chords in the keys of C, G and F, play several strum styles, read `ukulele chord charts and basic tablature, and have a repertoire of over a dozen songs, including Hawaiian, traditional folk and ‘golden oldies’. In fact, by the end of the first class, you’ll be playing at least one song all the way through! You’ll also learn the parts of and different kinds of `ukuleles as well as the fascinating history of “The Mighty `Uke”!