Ukulele II – “Why Quit Now?”

Designed for those who have already taken `Ukulele I or who are fairly comfortable playing in the keys of C, F and G  

Instructor: Kate Ferris!!!  (click here for Kate’s bio)

at 7 Oaks Adult Learning Centre
950 Jefferson Avenue, 
Winnipeg, MB, R2P 1W1

Age: 15 +

We will be working in “G” tuning (G-C-E-A); soprano, concert& tenor ukuleles; Material will not be arranged for baritone ukulele, which is tuned differently. All students are expected to have a digital tuner.

Once you have learned the basic chords and strum styles, where do you go from there? `Ukulele II will take you to the next level.

The course is intended for any of the students who either attended last session’s `Ukulele I class or those who have a basic knowledge of chords and strum patterns, who feel comfortable following a chord/lyric sheet,and can move easily between the I, IV, V and related minor chords in the keys of C, F and G. In the first class there will be a review of the previous course’s material so that Kate can gauge the group’s overall level and proceed accordingly.

Class will basically be a continuation of material learned in the `Ukulele I course. You will work on increasing your chord vocabulary,more advanced arrangements and strumming styles, and generally a greater knowledge of the `ukulele. You will also learn how to transpose songs into keys more suited to your individual voice, and continue to become comfortable reading and playing basic tablature arrangements. After each class, Kate sends out an e-mail with PDFs of the worksheets, video/sound links and other information that will reinforce the material covered.