Alan Gerber

Alan Gerber

Genre: folk-rock, Songwriter

Where energy, intellect and an unbridled passion for life intersect, there you’ll find the music of Alan Gerber. Possessing a rock ‘n roll swagger born from years in the musical trenches tempered by a soulful poet’s heart, Gerber has won a devoted legion of fans drawn to his cleverly crafted lyrics and engaging live performances. “I’m really into the physicality of music, of rock ‘n roll and R&B,” Gerber says, “but I’m also really into poetry and intelligent lyrics, talking about something that is important to me and hopefully other people. My songs are stories about life.” Gerber has an extensive musical resume that includes working with Bob Dylan, Leon Russell and the Doors’ legendary producer Paul Rothchild, but these days he’s entered his most satisfying musical chapter yet as he recruited his son and daughter to join him on his latest project The Grand and the Small. Family and music are at the core of Gerber’s life and blending the two on his new album is especially gratifying. “We were playing for 15,000 people at the Montreal Jazz Festival and people were going nuts,” Gerber recalls of performing with 18-year-old Hannah and 21-year-old Eli. “I’m so happy that they are on stage with me. When you look over and there’s your son and daughter, it adds something really special.” Whether he’s performing with his children and a full band or just alone on stage, Gerber is a riveting live performer who has developed a reputation for holding an audience in the palm of his hand. Inuvik’s Miki O’Kane describes a recent show: “Gerber delivered an evening of musical delights. Hands clapping, toes tapping, smiles broadening – the fun of boogie woogie, the soul of rock n’ roll, and the sentiment of sweet lyrics were enjoyed that evening. And Alan became one of us as he invited us to sing along—which of course we did enthusiastically—laughed and cajoled with us at thebreak and jammed with local musicians.” “There are lots of people walking around our town today with their hair still messed up…a kind of euphoric shell-shock,” Ron Scott proclaimed after a recent Gerber show at the Sam Waller Museum in Manitoba. “Electric, eclectic, exquisite—last night’s show was one wild whitewater trip! Every bend brought another splash in the face! Exhilarating! How could this boat not flip over at these speeds in such big waves? In the end he brought us through safely…all sunburned, soaking wet and grinning ear to ear!! Can we go again?!”



Here’s a review from hosts in The Pas – Manitoba who presented Alan a few years ago:

“Hey Tim, Mitch, and the Home Routes gang…we gotta start on a new Museum building in The Pas ’cause last night Alan Gerber TORE IT DOWN!!!  Hoooeee!

This man cooked!!  Basic recipe…start with generous portions of John Hiatt, Taj Mahal and Doctor John.  Next, stir in a tantalizing blend of Leonard Cohen and Tom Waitts.  Now a key ingredient…fold in huge dollops of Otis Spann southside Chicago piano.  Spice it up with a few generous cups of Duane Allman/Ry Cooder bottle-neck guitar on a vintage Fender Telecaster.  This is sounding mighty tasty, but not finished yet!  Add more flavour with some old-time fiddle – and several big pinches of blues fiddle too!  (Shake – don’t stir.)  Finally, make it all rise with some Victor Borge and Harpo Marx!!!

There are a bunch of people walking around our town today with their hair still messed up…a kind of euphoric shell-shock!  Electric, eclectic, exquisite – last night’s show was one wild whitewater trip!  Every bend brought another splash in the face!  Exhilarating!!  How could this boat not flip over at these speeds in such big waves?!  In the end he brought us through safely…all sunburned, soaking wet and grinning ear to ear!!  (Can we go again!?!) Thanks for sending such a great performer our way!!”

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