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Bringing Music to Your Doorstep, Connecting Artists & Communities, One Route at a Time!

May 2024 Tours

J. Knutson

Northern British Columbia

Tour Dates

May 5 – 19 2024


Southern British Columbia

Tour Dates

May 5 -17 2024

Mia Kelly

Northern Alberta

Tour Dates

May 4 – 17 2024

JD Edwards

Southern Alberta / Southeast British Columbia

Tour Dates

May 5 – 18 2024

Shari Ulrich



Tour Dates

May 4 – 15 2024

Naomi Shore

Manitoba / Saskatchewan

Tour Dates

May 3 – 17 2024

Lindy Vopnfjord


Tour Dates

May 5 – May 13 2024

Announcing the first Annual Mitch and Ava’s Hootenanny!

A Legacy Show Celebrating Home Routes/ Chemin Chez Nous

Join us at the West End Cultural Centre on May 10, 2024, @ 8:00pm, for the first annual Mitch & Ava’s Hootenanny, a celebration of Home Routes and the legacy of its founders & continuing the tradition of building a national community and support for musicians.. Featuring the Duhks, Daniel Koulack, David Graham, Little Miss Higgins, Romi Mayes, and Al Simmons, this event acknowledges the role of founders Mitch and Ava in creating vibrant cultural festivals across Canada. Tickets are available for $35. Show at 8 pm (Central).

Home Routes, profoundly affected by the pandemic, adapted with online programming and is now rejuvenating its national house concert network. This event not only celebrates the musical heritage shaped by Mitch Podolak and Ava Kobrinsky but also underscores the role of music in fostering community and supporting artists. Join us for an evening of live music and community spirit as we honor this incredible legacy.

Graphic Designwork by James Culleton

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2023/2024 Tour Season

In October of 2023, Home Routes kicked off their first full season since 2019, with 42 artists touring across 7 tour routes nationwide, performing  500+ concerts.

From October 2023 – May 2024,  a stellar lineup of artists, including  will take their respective shows on the road, treating audiences to some of Canada’s finest folk music, performed in some very special and often unexpected venues.

“It has been a lot of work bringing together the 2023-2024 Home Routes season, but I am thrilled by the outstanding performances we’ve witnessed so far. October and November saw a lot of musical talents setting the stage for an even more exhilarating journey from January to May,” say Home Routes Co-Executive and Artistic Director Leonard Podolak & Cathy Crawford.

“This season’s upcoming lineup is a kaleidoscope of diverse artists, promising an unforgettable experience. We extend my gratitude to the artists, audiences, and our dedicated team for making each show a celebration of the magic that is live music. As we move forward into the remainder of the season, We invite everyone to join us for what are going to be some very excellent performances.”

Listen Here!

Want to know more about our current lineup?

You can listen to our season lineup on Spotify, where we have created a playlist featuring songs from each of our artists. It’s a great way to discover new music, get familiar with the artists, and get ready for the concerts.

About Us

Bringing Music to Your Doorstep, Connecting Artists & Communities, One Route at a Time!

Home Routes/Chemin Chez Nous was founded in 2007 with the direct purpose of building more infrastructure for Folk Musicians to play more concerts in more communities across Canada. This was achieved by partnering with local community members to create a network of hosts across the country who donate their time and homes, or find appropriate venues to host music events in intimate and unique settings.

We know that music has the power to unite, inspire, and create unforgettable moments, where every note finds a home, and every community becomes a stage; where music is not just heard; it’s felt. Whether you’re hosting, performing at or attending one of our concerts, let’s create harmonious moments that resonate in the hearts of communities.

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Be part of a celebration of the beautiful chain reaction created when we play our part in supporting cultural exchange, empowering artists, and fostering community connections.

Your support ensures that Home Routes/Chemin Chez Nous remains a beacon of cultural exchange, enriching lives for years to come.



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extending a legacy that echoes through generations, fostering harmony, and creating lasting memories.

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Home Routes / Chemin Chez Nous acknowledges that we operate on the traditional lands of the Anishinaabe, Ininew and Dakota peoples, and on the homeland of the Metis nation. We have produced thousands of concerts across Canada, a land home to well over 600 First Nations, Métis and Inuit communities.