Cécile Doo-Kingué

An exceptional stage presence, guitarist / singer-songwriter Cécile Doo-Kingué blends blues, afro-roots and soul to create a unique sound. Born and raised in New York City, first generation from Cameroon, she has lived in the USA, France, and is now an adopted Montrealer.

Considered one of Canada’s most electrifying and versatile guitarists,

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Miriam & Jeff

Miriam Sonstenes and Jeff Dill have been making music together for over a decade, ever deepening their love of bluegrass, country, old time and swing. Using the fiddle and guitar as their foundation and leaping off point, these two well versed musicians serve up old country songs,

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Del Barber with Grant Siemens

Del Barber is a singer-songwriter from Manitoba, whose winsome balladry and wry wit harken back to country-folk traditions that remind the listener of the late greats of songwriting history. Del Barber is no stranger to finding inspiration in the cultural backdrop of Canada. On the JUNO Award-nominated Prairieography,

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Jocelyne Baribeau & Danny Boudreau

Chemin Chez Nous annonce BARIBEAU & BOUDREAU, en un double plateau musical unissant Manitoba et Acadie.

La tournée sera une série de belles rencontres entre paysages d’eaux, de blés et de grands ciels.

Des musiques pop, folk, Country et traditionnelles se marieront aux paroles et poèmes de ces deux formidables interprètes.

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David Boulanger

Fiddles (AEAE/ADA E/GDAE), jaw harp, harmonica, percussive foot-tapping, song.

David is best known as a member of the legendary Québécois folk big band “La Bottine Souriante”, which has been touring the world for almost 40 years now.

David is a highly respected fiddler, foot-tapper, singer, composer and arranger from Montréal.

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Sarah Jane Scouten

On Bowen Island BC, Sarah Jane Scouten began playing folk music at age 12, happy to forgo a Friday night house party for an all-night kitchen jam. Hank Williams and Stan Rogers were her greatest inspirations, both a staple at Sunday morning pancake breakfast and afterward, singing bluegrass and gospel music with her father.

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Dirty Dishes

Imagine the Andrew Sisters and the Stanley Brothers having triplets…the result would be none other than these sharp-witted ladies with a 1950’s Nashville sound and killer charm.

Bringing a shine to every space they fill with their beautiful blend of country-bluegrass-gospel sounds and extraordinary energy, the Dishes have spent the last five years (often backed by their rhythm section “The Plate Rails”) breaking hearts and soothing souls at clubs,

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Dan Possumato & Jamie O’Brien

Traditional Irish Music…and Much More!

Dan Possumato has been playing Irish music for over 30 years at small and large venues
in Ireland, Alaska, Western Canada and the continental USA. He plays the not-yet-extinct
one row melodeon, as well as the two row button accordion, both in the old “push-anddraw”

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BJ MacLean with Katie Avery

Originally from the Pacific Northwest, BJ moved north in 1984 to attend school in Alaska. Like many others, she planned to stay only a few years, but the places, people and music won her heart, and those are reflected in many of the titles and lyrics of her songs.

While in Fairbanks,

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Tracy K & Jaime Steinhoff

“Tracy K’s  talent matches her energy on stage. Great vocals, great harp and she genuinely has a ball sharing her talent. That’s a tough combination to beat.” – Mick Kolassa, IBC Judge

A rich and powerful vocalist and a harmonica player of the highest order (Zicazine 2016) Tracy K’s exceptional stage presence is fortified by her high energy music,

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