The Home Routes Podcast

The Home Routes Podcast

Podcasting from Home Routes Headquarters in Winnipeg, Manitoba, The Home Routes Podcast is hosted by Artistic Director Tim Osmond with regular contributions from Executive Producer Leonard Podolak.

The Podcast includes cross-country check-ins with Artists and Hosts who are a part of our vast home concert network.  

We will be discussing tips, tricks and lessons that will help hosts who are integral to the success of our tour routes. 

We will be hearing from artists who are out on the road entertaining audiences from Newfoundland to the Yukon and we will be sharing their music, stories and laughs along the way. 

Subscribe today to Home Routes Radio wherever you get your podcasts OR simply come and listen online from our website. and look for the PODCAST tab. 

If you are a host or artist who have stories you’d like to share about your Home Routes experience, please contact us or call the office: Tim Osmond  1-866-925-6889 ext 207

The Home Routes Podcast is produced and engineered by Grant Simpson.