Canada’s Pioneering Folk & Roots Concert Touring Network Releases November’s Roster of Touring Musicians

Home Routes proudly unveils the next round of artists slated for their month of shows this November. From November 15th to 30th Graham Lindsey & Maddy O’Regan, Sherman Downey, David Graham, West My Friend, Poor Nameless Boy, Old Man Luedecke, and Emerald Rae will be offering audiences uniquely intimate concert experiences in living rooms, small venues and concert halls from Ontario to British Columbia.

These seven acts join the expanding lineup of touring musicians featured as part of the Home Routes 2023/24 season. Seven artists were previously revealed for the October round of tours, paving the way for this exciting second wave of talented musicians. The upcoming 16th season—Home Routes’ first full season since 2019—commences on October 16th with the full 2023/24 line-up consisting of 42 different acts and a total of 500+ captivating performances spanning seven tour routes that currently extend across (most of) Canada.

Co-executive director Leonard Podolak expresses his enthusiasm for the upcoming season, saying, “We’re proud to introduce a diverse lineup of artists touring with Home Routes this season. Our musicians hail from various corners of Canada, the United States and beyond, covering the map from Newfoundland to British Columbia and more.

“November is shaping up to be a memorable month, and we invite you to be part of this cultural and creative celebration. Join us for what promises to be a fantastic experience.”


Graham Lindsey & Maddy O’Regan

Southern British Columbia

Graham Lindsey has become a household name in the world of Canadian folk music by infusing his performances with an infectious energy capable of sweeping up both audiences and fellow musicians. His mastery of instruments like the mandolin, tenor banjo, and guitar is a magnetic draw for fans and session players alike. Whether performing solo or collaborating with other talented artists, Graham’s original compositions are undeniably catchy, leaving melodies lingering in your mind for days.

His musical journey has brought him some well-deserved recognition, including a Canadian Folk Music Award nomination for his debut album, TradHead (2019), and a Songs From the Heart Instrumental Award from Folk Music Ontario for his track “Fractions” on his second album.

Maddy O’Regan is no ordinary musician; she’s a singer-songwriter, a violin virtuoso, and a fiddler, all rolled into one. When this Ottawa-based musician takes the stage, her presence and her music combine to produce masterful violin performances with powerful vocals, delivering deeply resonant songs.

Maddy’s musical journey has led her to share the spotlight with remarkable acts such as Jessica Pearson and the East Wind, Amanda Rheaume, Tara Shannon, Moonfruits, and Graham Lindsey.

In her latest project, she partners with guitarist Ethan Mitchell to create Nyx and Lightsmith. Together, they craft poetic songs that venture into the everyday experiences of love, loss, and the profound feelings of solitude.

Sherman Downey

Northern British Columbia

Not many artists can claim they have their very own blend of tea, but it’s one of the many things that sets Sherman Downey apart. With his unique and radio-friendly folk music (not to forget the aforementioned tea), Downey has established himself as one of Newfoundland and Labrador’s most cherished artists. His storytelling process has charmed audiences from his homeland, across the country, and back again, and earned him multiple MusicNL Awards in the process, including Artist of the Year, Pop/Rock Recording of the Year, Album of the Year and Solo Artist of the Year, as well as being a two-time recipient of the prestigious SOCAN Songwriter of the Year award.

His latest release, New Beautiful, offers a collection of songs tailored for the restless of heart, capturing the essence of everyday life with an uplifting twist. There’s a uniquely Newfoundlander point of view that comes across in his natural storytelling abilities, as he captures the carefree moments of life from his perspective at the dance hall, or people-watching from the front porch, or playing with love in out-of-the-way gas stations.  Through a mix of horns and strings, Downey offers a knowing wink to audiences familiar with the intimacies of small-town life.

David Graham

Northern Alberta

In the heart of the prairies, David Graham emerges as a musical enigma, an artist content with being one of the best-kept secrets of the region. Far from seeking the spotlight, he revels in the intrigue that shrouds his creative process and the unique fusion of his Caribbean-Canadian heritage with the art of music. It’s in this intriguing dance between secrecy and revelation that Graham finds his muse.

With unwavering dedication, David Graham becomes a sensory alchemist, masterfully blending elements to create an enchanting musical experience. His secret recipe includes a dash of remarkable guitar skills, a pinch of undeniable vocal prowess, and a generous serving of exceptional songwriting talent. Through this musical concoction, he conjures infectious Calypsonian dance grooves that are as captivating as they are irresistible.

West My Friend

Southern Alberta – Southeast British Columbia

The music of West My Friend is a treasure trove of intricate layers, woven with baroque nuances, a mischievous charm, and something that is undeniably Canadian. Blending grassroots instruments seamlessly, at the heart of it West My Friend is a disdain for the ordinary, and the beginning of a profoundly rewarding musical journey.

Hailing from western Canada, and deeply rooted in the Victoria music scene, West My Friend earned an Independent Music Awards nomination for their fourth album, In Constellation. Crafted with care by producer Joby Baker and co-produced/arranged by Adrian Dolan, the album explores themes of anxiety and belonging. With ever-shifting structures and dynamic melodies, it paints vivid lyrical portraits against the backdrop of swelling strings and resonating trumpets.

With over 750 performances and extensive touring, West My Friend unveils a sound that enriches your musical journey, adding depth to your lyrical explorations.

Poor Nameless Boy


Catching himself up on the irony of his own intentions, Joel Henderson has inadvertently made a name for himself as Poor Nameless Boy. Exploring the depths rarely fathomed by modern indie folk, Henderson revels in understated authenticity and tenderness, drawing from a deep well of human insight.

While his ethereal vocals evoke the spirits of Donovan Woods and Gregory Alan Isakov, it’s Henderson’s raw vulnerability and soul-stirring lyrics that truly set him apart. Since his enchanting albums Activity Book (2013) and Bravery (2016), he’s been a traveller, gracing stages across Europe, Australia, and North America. Taking a respite from extensive touring in 2020, Poor Nameless Boy reemerged on the airwaves with “Jean Jackets” in the fall of 2021, offering a glimpse of the captivating music that awaits us in 2023/24.

Old Man Luedecke

Manitoba – Saskatchewan 

Old Man Luedecke, the musical persona of the 2-time JUNO award-winning and Polaris prize-nominated songwriter and all-around radio darling Chris Luedecke, is a force to be reckoned with. A regular staple of CBC Renowned for his high-energy banjo-driven stompers, soul-stirring guitar ballads, and wryly humorous tales, Luedecke has been a captivating presence in the world of roots music for over fifteen years. His most recent offering, Easy Money (2019), is a collection of “island-tinged” original folk songs. A forthcoming album produced by Afie Jurvanen (aka Bahamas), is poised for release in 2024, promising a fresh musical journey for his devoted audience. 

This Home Routes ‘Crankie” tour offers up a mix of roots and rhythm, with stories told under the backdrop of handmade Crankies created by James Culleton, a Winnipeg-based visual artist who weaves together art, and history, along with his English and French roots throughout his multimedia-based work.

A Crankie is a moving panorama, an old storytelling art form that was popular in the 18th century. Scrolled art is mounted on hand-cranked spindles held together in a frame. As music plays or a story is told, an artist cranks the spindles so that the picture moves with the story, creating a uniquely magical experience for the audience

Emerald Rae


Emerald Rae is an electrifying and award-winning American fiddler and folk artist, who seamlessly marries traditional dance melodies with contemporary songcraft. Her solo performances have enthralled audiences at major festivals throughout North America.

This one-woman show began her musical journey in Boston, immersing herself in Scottish and Cape Breton music. Her exploration led her into fiddle-singing and songwriting, culminating in a self-titled album of original works.

Emerald is a versatile musician, holding titles as the US National Scottish Fiddle Champion and Scottish F.I.R.E Judge, gracefully navigating Scottish, Cape Breton, and Irish music and dance. With over a decade of teaching performance-based Irish Dance and touring globally with esteemed acts, she’s a captivating presence on the world stage.

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